Student Enrollment Instructions for Direct Log In Access

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If you and your students will be using OHM outside of an LMS, you will need to provide the Course ID and Enrollment Key in order to enroll in a new course. The students require the following information in order to enroll:

This will populate course details to confirm. Once enrolled the student can now login with an existing OHM account, or can sign up for a new student account.

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Where is my Course ID and Enrollment Key?

You can find the course ID and key in your course settings. There you can rename your course and create the key you prefer. 


OHM Student Access Template

We have put together a template in a Word Document for you to download, update the course name, ID and key, to provide to your students. You can download the template here.


*This is for direct OHM login only. Do not provide this to students enrolled in a course integrated with your LMS. 


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