Simplified course creation, quick links, and assessment help resources

Deborah Hur -

New Course Creation Workflow 

This update simplifies the steps to create a course. When you click the “add new course” button from your instructor account, you’ll choose to start with a blank course, copy a template course, or copy an existing course. The course settings page has been reorganized to improve usability, but with the same functionality OHM users expect.

Click here for a quick video walk through.

Quick Links for Students 

With the update, teachers can add links to blocks in the course’s left navigation area. These links can help students find relevant, timely content quicker using the quick link navigation area. To set up quick links to blocks, click on the gear icon for the desired block and select "Modify". In the Modify Block page, select the Quick Links checkbox to create a quick link for the student navigation view. Note that the quick links are only visible in student view.

Click here to see this in action.

Assessment Help Resources

The update allows instructors to include links to additional resources that display on each page of the assessment. Students may link to these resources for guidance and help as they work through assessments. To add a resource, go to that assessment’s settings, expand the Help and Hints section, and specify a label and link.

Click here to see a quick video run through of this feature.

Assessment Progress View for Students

Two updates help students see progress on assessments without having to dive into the gradebook: 1) An icon to visually represent how much of the assessment has been attempted. 2) When a student hovers over an assessment, their current status or score is also displayed.

See this in student view by clicking here.

Upgraded Messaging Service

Recently we’ve received more reports of notifications intermittently not being received. In response, we’re upgrading to Amazon Web Services SES messaging to ensure more reliable and timely delivery of email notifications for users that have set up notifications.

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