Support Impact and Urgency

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Impact and Urgency

When submitting a Support Request, the person submitting designates the impact level. If no level is designated, the Lumen Support Team evaluates the Request upon receiving it and assigns an impact level, based on the definitions below. Lumen Support responds within the target response time for the designated impact level.

If the impact level is unclear, Lumen Support works with the customer to come to an understanding about the appropriate designation and then responds accordingly.

Impact / Description

Initial Response Time



Critical impact to faculty, students, or employees if not handled immediately regardless of the time or day.


Widespread service outage that impacts one or multiple institutions

Single institution with multiple classes, or a whole class that can’t access course materials or assessments

30 minutes with updates at least every hour until resolved

(unless otherwise agreed)



Material impact to faculty, students, or employees if not handled quickly.


Some students (not all) unable to complete time sensitive work, with no workaround.

A courseware or integration defect impacting student scores and grades.

Last minute adoptions at the start of the term.

4 business hours



Regular, course-of-business issues that need attention, but there is no material impact if the issue takes multiple business days to respond and resolve.


Course delivery for the next term, well in advance of the start of the term.

2 business days

Global LTI Setup Request (from Adoption)


Lumen Support outreach to LMS administrator with instructions for setup and testing of global LTI integration with supported learning management systems. Follow-up includes confirming LTI setup is successful and assistance troubleshooting any issues.


Initial Outreach:

4 business hours

Typical delivery within 2 business days


Support Requests are addressed according to impact level and the time the request was received. We use every professionally reasonable means to resolve Support Requests as quickly as possible. Urgent requests are handled using a special process to expedite resolution. Where appropriate, this includes an incident investigation to identify root cause and prevent future recurrence.

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