Support Channels & Availability

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Support Channels & Availability

Lumen’s standard channels for delivering and requesting support include:

Online Support Site & Knowledge Base

Available: 24x7x365

Lumen’s online customer support site provides a self-help knowledge base and customer support ticketing system. The knowledge base is publicly available. Customers may use the ticketing system to request help with any issues, including LTI integration, course delivery, technical support, OER materials, and open licensing.

Location: Support Page

Available: 24x7x365

This one-stop web page on Lumen’s public website directs site visitors to a variety of training and support resources.


OER Office Hours

Available: By appointment Monday-Friday

2-5 pm ET/11-2 pm PT

OER office hours provide the opportunity to connect virtually with a live Lumen expert about any question related to Lumen courseware, technical support, OER, OER-related course design, and effective teaching and learning with OER. Participants may connect to the virtual meeting room via phone or computer. Video and screen-sharing are also supported.

Information and Appointments:

Lumen Community Slack

Available: 24x7x365

Lumen Community Slack is a free, easy-to-use tool for communication and collaboration with members of the Lumen team and our customer community. It offers channels for group conversations on specific topics (e.g. Waymaker, OHM, Candela, using OER in specific disciplines, etc.) Users can also send direct messages to individuals and groups.

Request to Join:


Urgent Support Line

Available: 24x7x365

For urgent support issues such as a system outage, customers may contact us at +1-503-773-6916.
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