Lumen Supported LMS Platforms

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Lumen Supported LMS Platforms

Last update: November 2017

Lumen fully supports four LMS platforms as indicated below. Our goal is to provide a delightful experience in each of these platforms. When we plan features, processes, and support documentation we will address each of these platforms.

Supported LMS Platforms

LMS Name

Supported Versions


Instructure Canvas

All versions

Canvas doesn’t have versions per se. We support the SaaS version of Canvas.

Blackboard Learn

All versions

In future versions certain features that rely on Blackboard releases will only be available with certain versions.

D2L Brightspace




2+ ??

All functionality is supported in moodle, however our LMS integration process is a lot more manual. The product team will work to make the process comparable to the other LMS’.

Other LMS Platforms

Our response in situations where the institution uses an unsupported LMS is that Lumen does not support them at this time. We will keep track of missed opportunities with each LMS and re-evaluate our supported LMS’ from time to time.

What if the opportunity is too great to pass up?

It’s easy to underestimate the cost of taking on another supported LMS, even for one customer. The added cost in terms of our product velocity can be enormous. And yet, we don’t want to close the door to careful consideration for the right opportunity. If you believe the opportunity is something that merits an exception, post in #product-council, or add an item to the product council agenda for discussion.

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