Support Overview

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Customer Support Responsibilities

Lumen’s primary Customer Support responsibilities include:  

  • Successfully deliver Lumen courseware to institutional, faculty, and student users, and support them using our courseware for effective teaching and learning
  • Provide our Support Services as described in this commitment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • Respond to Support Requests within the target response times.
  • Keep Application Services, Highly Recommended, and Recommended Courses up to date.
  • Provide current and relevant online self-help tools for faculty, students, and LMS Admins.

Support Services

The following support services are included with Lumen course support fees and carry no additional charge:

  • LTI integration with supported learning management systems (LMS’s)
  • Delivery and maintenance of courseware institution can adopt, adapt, and remix for supported use
  • Orientation and training materials for faculty, staff, and students on how to use and customize Lumen courseware
  • Ongoing technical and faculty support to address questions or issues regarding courseware performance and availability, LMS integration, how to use Lumen courseware, how to use open educational resources (OER), and how to teach more effectively with Lumen courseware and OER

We provide the following additional support services. Some of these services may carry additional fees, depending on the scope, duration, and mode of delivery. Any services that carry additional fees will be mutually defined and approved in advance by Lumen and the Customer in separate Statement(s) of Work.

  • Services to provide dedicated orientation, training and support for faculty and staff using and customizing Lumen courseware
  • Consultation, strategy, and support services for launching successful OER initiatives, achieving learning impact with OER, and scaling effective OER adoption using Lumen courseware
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