Supported Devices and Browsers

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Lumen's products are designed to work on a variety of devices from computers to phones and tablets. We test to ensure a great experience for the most common devices.

Desktop Browsers

Lumen's products are supported for the most recent and second most recent versions of the following desktop browsers:

  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Apple Safari (iOS only)
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Internet Explorer (version 11 only).

Mobile Browser Support

Lumen is fully committed to providing a responsive experience on mobile device browsers. The following mobile browsers are supported on common iOS and Android devices:

  • Chrome
  • Safari (iOS only)
  • Firefox

If you discover any issues on any of these mobile browsers, please report them to us at and we will resolve them in a timely manner. 

LMS Mobile App Support

While Lumen strives to provide the best mobile experience possible, as LMS mobile apps are closed third party apps, with less robust LTI standards, the support we can provide on these apps is more limited. 

We will work to investigate and understand reported mobile app issues. If an issue with the app is outside of our control, we report it to the LMS provider directly. In addition, we encourage our customers to do the same to help increase the visibility and perceived importance of this issue with the LMS provider.

We are currently aware of some known support issues (as yet to be resolved), which are detailed at the end of this section. We encourage instructors using Lumen inside an LMS to direct their students to use the fully supported (see above) responsive version of our site on a mobile browser rather than the app. 

Know Mobile App Issues


  • Videos embedded in questions do not display
  • Some links do not display (For OHM)
  • The Waymaker study plan and content is not available on some  iOS devices. Please note: on newer versions of iOS with the latest version of the Canvas student app a launch LTI tool button is displayed which does load the study plan and all content
  • On Android devices Waymaker quizzes (LTI based) do not launch 



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