Release Notes Log

Deborah Hur -


- new feature: Group admins able to search for students
- new feature: add teachers from other groups to a course
- new feature: remove yourself from a course that you have been added to as an instructor
- new feature: added new matrix functions, contributed by Larry Green
- new feature: added "with latepass" to due date display on course page
- improvement: added aria regions to intro and +text for improved accessibility
- improvement: added aria landmarks on each question div for improved accessibility
- improvement: upgraded tinymce
- improvement: added randname with pronouns function
- improvement: added auto-save for all-at-once display
- minor bug fixes

- minor bug fixes

- minor bug fixes

- For OHM questions embedded as interactive examples in Candela (Lumen editable text), the show answer button appears.
- minor bug fixes

- improvement: modified the course browser filters to include textbook formats as well as remove textbooks that do not return a template course.
- minor bug fixes

- improvement: simplified promote student to tutor 
- improvement: augmented the reqsigfig function to allow for tolerances in addition to sigfigs being scored
- improvement: for LTI users, when visiting directly after viewing an LMS embedded course, user will no longer be stuck in LTI mode with no headers.
- improvement: for Canvas exports, include start date option
- minor bug fixes

- minor bug fixes

- minor bug fixes


- improvement: Timeshift corrected to properly account for Daylight Savings
- bug fix: Correct the behavior for Embedded / VideoCued assessment so enter key only submits answer part instead of the entire assessment

- bug fix: Show Answer:always option repaired.


- improvement: For LMS embedded OHM courses, instead of giving an error when additional instructors attempt to access the linked OHM course, any instructor in the LMS course is automatically added to the associated OHM course.


- improvement: allow guest users to view multiple courses in guest mode 

- minor bug fixes 

- new feature: course browser (see detailed notes here)
- improvement: hidden folder behavior change (see detailed notes here)

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