Waymaker: Moodle - Course Cartridge Import Process

Baird Whelan -

The Lumen team will deliver a Moodle Course Export Package which will make it easy to link your Lumen course to Moodle. Download and save the file provided onto your desktop. Once saved you can follow the directions below:


  • Navigate to Course Administration > Restore
    • Import a Backup File: Select Choose a file... to locate the course package
    • Once the file is selected, click the Restore button
    • Choose Continue and/or Next to complete the import process


  • In any Module, Open Study Plan: <<Module Name>>; select Show What You Know and verify the pre-test works and the Study Plan updates

  • Return to a Module: select Quiz:<<Module Name>> and verify quiz works

If you experienced any issues while importing the cartridge please send us an email at support@lumenlearning.com with a screenshot so that we can troubleshoot the problem.

Thanks for helping us to get Lumen Learning set up at your institute!

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