Adopt/Copy a Brightspace Course - Brightspace (D2L)

Baird Whelan -


Duplicate a fully configured Brightspace course shell integrated with a Lumen Candela or Waymaker course to one or more other courses. In this process, you will be Exporting from a primary course and Importing into a new course.


Export from Existing Course

Step 1: Navigate to Course > Course Tools > Edit Course and select Import/Export/Copy Components


Step 2: Select Export Components and check the box to include course files in the export package


Step 3: Select all the components needed in the new course



Then Confirm those components


Step 4: Finish the Export


Step 5: Download the file and Select Done


Import to New Course


Step 1: Upload the Course Export File you created in the Export Process and Import all Components


Step 2: When the Import Completes, Select View Content




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