Making a Global Connection: D2L Brightspace

Baird Whelan -

Installing Lumen OHM External Tool/LTI

Step 1: Integration at the Global Organizational Level

Goal: Make a secure, global connection between Lumen OHM and Brightspace to make it easier for other members of your institution to use Lumen OHM in Brightspace without having to share deeper technical and authentication information beyond your core LMS administration team.

Navigate to External Learning Tools > Manage Tool Providers > New Tool Provider and enter:

  • Launch Point:
  • Secret: provided via secure password vault for security
  • Tool consumer information (if present): Check “Use customer tool consumer information instead of default”
  • Key: provided via secure password vault for security
  • Name: Lumen OHM
  • Description (suggested): Courses built from Open Educational Resources (OER) supported by Lumen Learning. Faculty needing help? Visit us at
  • Contact Email (suggested):
  • Visibility: Check “Allow users to use this tool provider”


  • Security Settings: Check all. Lumen learning uses this information to facilitate notifications and learning analytics. FERPA compliance and data security are addressed in the contractual agreement between Lumen and your institution.
  • Make tool provider available to: global Org Unit or appropriate Org Unit, but also make sure to apply to all descendants.



Step 2: Verification

Once all Apps are configured, the next step is verification by importing a course. Contact us either through your existing support request or submit a request at for guidance with importing.


The Lumen Learning Support Team

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