Making a Global Connection: Moodle

Baird Whelan -

Part 1: Add External Tool/LTI

Navigate to: Site administration ▶︎ Plugins ▶︎ Activity modules ▶︎ External Tool ▶︎ Manage tools

  • Select ..."configure a tool manually"


Tool Settings - enter the following information in the fields provided:

  • Tool name - Lumen OHM
  • Tool base URL -
  • Tool description - leave blank
  • Consumer key - the “consumer key” (provided by Lumen Learning)
  • Shared secret - the “consumer secret” (provided by Lumen Learning)
  • Custom parameters - leave blank
  • Tool configuration usage - Choose "Do not show; use only when a matching tool URL is entered" from the dropdown list
  • Default launch container - Choose "Embed” from the dropdown list


  • Share launcher's name with tool - Choose "Always" from the dropdown list
  • Share launcher's email with tool - Choose"Always" from the dropdown list
  • Accept grades from the tool - Choose"Always" from the dropdown list
  • Force SSL - Select the checkbox
  • Miscellaneous - Leave blank
  • Select Save Changes



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