Making a Global OHM Connection: Blackboard

Baird Whelan -

Establishing a Global Connection:

  • From the Administrator home page in Bb, choose “Building Blocks” from the “Building Blocks” banner.
  • Choose “LTI Tool Providers”
  • Choose “Register Provider Domain”

Fill in the following fields:

  • Provider Domain:
  • Provider Domain Status: Approved
  • Secondary Hostnames: blank
  • Default Configuration: Set Globally
  • Tool Provider Key: provided to you by Lumen Learning
  • Tool Provider Secret: provided to you by Lumen Learning
  • Tool Provider Custom Parameters: leave blank
  • Send User Data: Send user data only over SSL
  • User Fields to send: Role in Course, Name, Email
  • Show User Acknowledgement Message: No
  • Message Text: blank


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