Moodle: Global LTI Integration

Baird Whelan -

Part 1: Add External Tool/LTI

Navigate toSite administration ▶︎ Plugins ▶︎ Activity modules ▶︎ External Tool ▶︎ Manage tools

  • Select ..."configure a tool manually"


Tool Settings - enter the following information in the fields provided:

  • Tool name - Lumen Platform
  • Tool base URL -
  • Tool description - leave blank
  • Consumer key - the “consumer key” (provided by Lumen Learning)
  • Shared secret - the “consumer secret” (provided by Lumen Learning)
  • Custom parameters - leave blank
  • Tool configuration usage - Choose "Do not show; use only when a matching tool URL is entered" from the dropdown list
  • Default launch container - Choose "Embed” from the dropdown list


  • Share launcher's name with tool - Choose "Always" from the dropdown list
  • Share launcher's email with tool - Choose"Always" from the dropdown list
  • Accept grades from the tool - Choose"Always" from the dropdown list
  • Force SSL - Select the checkbox
  • Miscellaneous - Leave blank
  • Select Save Changes


Repeat for additional Apps (e.g. Lumen Waymaker Assesments and Lumen OHM) The keys and secrets are the same for each App. Follow the original instructions with the following Tool URL's. 


  • Tool Name: Lumen Waymaker
  • Tool URL:


  • Tool Name: Lumen OHM
  • Tool URL:


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