Waymaker: Brightspace (D2L) - Course Cartridge Import Process

Baird Whelan -


  • Navigate to Course > Course Tools > Edit Course > Import/Export/Copy Components

  • Choose “Import Components” and enter:
    1. SELECT IMPORT COMPONENTS: and select Start
    2. SELECT UPLOAD (OR JUST DRAG AND DROP THE FILE): to add the imscc formatted zip file you were provided by Lumen


  • In the Module: Succeeding With Waymaker>open any of the links/pages and verify the content displays

  • In any Module, Open Study Plan: <<Module Name>>; select Show What You Know and verify the pre-test works and the Study Plan updates

  • Return to a Module: select Quiz:<<Module Name>> and verify quiz works
  • Open Assessments>Grades and review that graded items are associated in the Gradebook. In particular, ensure "External Learning Tool" appears in the Association Column for each Quiz.

--Important Information about Quiz Editing--

  • Remember: one course cartridge provides access to one copy of the course and quiz banks.

  • All sections that use this cartridge will use the same quiz banks.

  • When the Quiz Editing Feature is turned on, any edits that are made will automatically be reflected in all course sections that use the same cartridge.

  • For more information about Quiz Editing visit Waymaker Quiz Editing
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