Waymaker: Canvas - Course Cartridge Import Process

Baird Whelan -



  1. Navigate to your Course>Settings>Course Details

  2. Choose>”Import Content into this Course”

  3. On the resulting Import Content Page:

    • In the “Content Type” dropdown list: select “Canvas Course Export Package”
    • In Source: Choose the imscc formatted zip file you received from Lumen Learning
    • In Content: Select the “All content” Radio Button
    • In Options: Leave blank

  4. Choose “Import” and review results - You may ignore the issues messages, since we have a couple more steps left to update the connection 


  • In any Module, Open Study Plan: <> select Show What You Know and verify the pre-test works and the Study Plan updates

  • Return to a Module: select Quiz:<> and verify quiz works
  • Open Grades and review that all graded items are connected to the Gradebook
    *Note - You won't see a grade in the gradebook from the previous verify quiz step, because you aren't a student in the course

  • If the person conducting this testing/verification will not be the teacher of the course, your final step for importing is to submit a support request with subject: Reset the Study Plan.

--Important Information about Quiz Editing--

  • Remember: one course cartridge provides access to one copy of the course and quiz banks.

  • All sections that use this cartridge will use the same quiz banks.

  • When the Quiz Editing Feature is turned on, any edits that are made will automatically be reflected in all course sections that use the same cartridge.

  • For more information about Quiz Editing visit Waymaker Quiz Editing Access


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