Gradebook Settings in Lumen OHM

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Once you have put content into your course you will want to take care of a couple things.  First, decide how you want to set up your gradebook.  Are you using straight averages or weighted percentages?  Then you will want to make sure your assignments will be available to students when you want them to be.

Gradebook Settings

Enter your gradebook settings from the left hand column of your course homepage by selecting Gradebook -> GB SettingsMyOpenMath

From here you will be able to choose whether you want weighted categories or straight averages for final grades. You can also choose to drop scores, and select how the category will be displayed.

(Note, if you are using LTI, you will not need to set up your gradebook in Lumen OHM, unless you really want to. MOM will send a percentage, and you can set up your weights in your LMS gradebook.)

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For each category, you can specify:

  • Name: The name of the category
  • Scale (optional): Scale the category total by specifying a point value or percent value to be scaled up to 100%. For example, if the category point value was 80 points, and a student earned 50 points, their category total would be 50 points. If you specified a scale of 60 points, then the students grade would become 80*(50/60) = 66.7 points out of 80. You can specify whether grades that would end up over 100% should be chopped to 100%. You can specify no scale by leaving the Scale box blank.
  • Drops (optional): You can specify whether to drop the lowest N scores, or keep the highest N scores from the category. Set the number to 0 to keep all scores.
  • Weight/Fix Category Point Total: If you are using a "Category Weights" grading scheme, enter the percent weights for each category here. If the category percents don't add to 100%, they are all scaled equally so they do add to 100%. If you are using a "Points earned" grading scheme, you can fix the point value for the category here (optional). For example, if the current category total is 50 points and a student earns 40 points, if you specified a fixed point value of 100 points, the students score would become 80 points. Leave this blank to use the actual category point total.
  • Remove: When you remove a category, any items currently assigned to that category will be assigned to the Default category

Offline Grades

To add an offline grade, click the "Add Offline Grade" link on the gradebook page. You can specify:

  • Name: The name to give the grade item
  • Points: The number of points possible on the item
  • Show to students after: The date after which to show the item to students
  • Gradebook Category: The gradebook category you wish to assign the item to
  • Count: Whether to count the score in the gradebook total, not count it, or count it as extra credit
  • Allow tutors to edit: Whether tutors should be able to edit scores for this item

You can then enter grades for each student. If you leave a grade blank, no grade will be recorded for that student. You can edit these settings or edit all students' grades at a later time by clicking the "Average" in the gradebook for this item. You can edit an individual student's grade by clicking on their score in the gradebook for this item. You can leave feedback for students about their grade using the boxes provided.

You can manage offline grades by clicking the "Offline Grades: Manage" link on the gradebook page. This page allows you to delete, change the availability, or change the gradebook assignment of a set of offline grade items.

Gradebook Detail

When you click on a student's score in the gradebook, you will see the specific assessment that they received and the last answer they provided, as well as their score on each question and the attempts used. You can override the scores they received on this page. You can also send a student a message about a question, quoting their version of the question in the message. At the bottom of the page is a box to leave the student feedback about the assessment.

If you wish to give a student another chance to take an assessment, click the "Clear Attempt" or "Clear Scores" link. Note: This will clear their current scores, answers, and attempts used. The "Clear Attempt" link will make it appear the student never started the assessment, and the student will receive a different version of the assessment when they access the assessment. The "Clear Scores" link will clear the student's scores and attempts to 0, but the student will receive the same version of the assessment when they access it.

If you categorized the questions in the assessment, you will also see a category breakdown at the bottom of the details page.


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