Import a Candela Course - Canvas

Baird Whelan -

The Lumen team will deliver a Canvas Course Export Package which will make it easy to link your Lumen course to Canvas.
The package will be a zip file. Do not unzip/extract the file.

Import Your Candela Course into Canvas

  1. In your Canvas course, go to Settings > Import
  2. Content Type: Select "Canvas Course Export Package" from the listImport_Content__New_Cartridge_Import_Test.png
  3. Source>Choose file: Select the course zip file you received from Lumen
  4. Default Question bank: Skip/No need to enter anything
  5. Content: Select "All content"
  6. Select "Import"

  7. The import will run and report issues. No worries, though; we are taking care of those next

  8. Go to Modules and view one of the course content pages.
  9. If the course displays, you have successfully imported the course! 



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