Making a Global Connection: Canvas

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Make a secure, global connection between Lumen and Instructure Canvas to make it easier for other members of your institution to use Lumen courses in Canvas without having to share deeper technical and authentication information beyond your core Canvas administration team.

Lumen integrates with Canvas using Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI), a common integration practice probably already in use at your institution. This integration only needs to be put in place one time per Canvas instance.

This Canvas documentation may help guide administrators in making overall, global LTI integrations in their Canvas instance:

Link to Canvas Guide Article - How do I configure an external app for an account using a URL?

Step 1: Add Lumen as a new external LTI application in Canvas

Manage your Canvas account and go to Settings > Apps > View App Configurations > Add App:

Configuration Type: By URL

Name: Lumen Learning

Consumer Key: Enter Key provided by Lumen

Shared Secret: Enter Secret provided by Lumen

Config URL:

Step 2: Select Submit

That's it! The xml configuration will provide functionality for all Lumen supported products (OHM, Candela, and Waymaker)

For more detailed information on Lumen products, please visit the User Guides at


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