Introduction to Lumen OHM

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What is Lumen OHM?

Lumen Online Homework Manager (or OHM) is a robust online homework engine and course building platform for math and other quantitative subjects.  Developed using open educational resources, Lumen OHM course titles offer a complete package of learning materials you can customize in powerful ways to suit your students’ needs. It’s a great, low-cost alternative to traditional publisher materials.

Lumen OHM course content includes outcome-aligned text, tutorial videos, customizable assignments, and other instructor resources. Ready-to-teach template courses from arithmetic to calculus provide teachers a running start in creating and customizing courses in OHM. Seamless learning management system (LMS) integration provides single sign-on and automatic grade return.  

In addition to the course content, Lumen offers individualized support to help with course customization, LMS integration (for Blackboard, Canvas, Brightspace, Moodle), version management, and large-scale implementation.

Introduction to OHM by Lumen's Chief Academic Officer David Wiley


Key Features

  • Algorithmically-generated problems
  • Machine grading with immediate feedback for students
  • Instructional text and videos aligned with practice problems
  • Customizable open educational resource (OER) course materials
  • Automatic day one access for all students
  • Learning management system (LMS) integration with single sign-on and grade return
  • Works well for online, face to face, blended, and emporium classes

How to request an account

To use Lumen OHM for course-building, course customization, and auto-graded assessments, you will need an instructor account. You can request an instructor account at

Please note, instructor status is manually verified by a member of our team, so your request may take 1-2 business days to process.

Getting started with Lumen OHM

Once your Lumen OHM instructor account is created, these resources can help you get started building and customizing your own courses.

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