Blackboard Learn: Global LTI Integration

Baird Whelan -

Step 1: Approve Lumen LTI Providers in Blackboard

Approve the following three Lumen LTI providers using the same credentials and settings for each.

    • Name: Lumen Platform
      Provider Domain:

    • Name: Lumen Waymaker

    • Name: Lumen OHM


Step 2: Default Configuration

Choose: Set globally

Tool Provider Key: provided by Lumen

Tool Provider Secret: provided by Lumen

Institution Policies: Lumen recommends the following policies:

  • Send User Data: Send user data only over SSL

  • User Fields to Send: Role in Course, Name, and Email Address

  • Show User Acknowledgement Message: No. (Choosing "Yes" will require users to click an extra time for each course resource they visit.)

  • Message Text: Unnecessary if choosing No above.

  • Additionally, Lumen recommends settings so course materials open in a Blackboard Learn frame rather than a new window so users can still see and use Blackboard navigation when visiting course resources.


Step 3: Managing Blackboard Learn Tool Placements

Integration does not use placement of Lumen as a tool in any Blackboard area, so no placements are necessary.

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