Which Attempt Determines The Grade?

Alyson -

Grades in OHM are determined on a per-question basis. The grade sent to the gradebook is dependent on the combination of assessment settings chosen.

Here are a few scenarios to consider:

  1. If you have the Feedback method set to one of the "only whole test can be reattempted" settings, then the system will keep only the last attempt on each question. In other words, reattempting the whole test clears out any existing scores.
    For example: You are using one of the "Full Test at Once" modes, and the first time a student takes the test, the students gets questions 1 and 2 right, then the second time they get 1 and 2 wrong, but 3 and 4 right, then the system will give them credit for questions 1, 2, 3, and 4, with questions 1 and 2 being scored as wrong.

  2. If you want "only whole test can be reattempted" mode, and want the system to keep the best score on the whole assessment, rather than looking per-question. OHM can't do that.

    With any other feedback method setting, the system remembers their best attempt on a per question basis.

  3. If you want a true "test like" experience with retakes, we usually recommend using the following settings:
  • Display: Skip Around.
  • Feedback: Reshow question with score at the end of the test - only whole test can be reattempted.
  • Reattempts: whatever, with "Reattempts different versions" selected.
  • Defaulty penalty: 0%.
  • This will keep their last score on the whole test, not the best.
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