Requesting a custom PDF

Vallerie Mott -

While each of Lumen's courses come with a PDF of the unedited text (available in Faculty Resources), Lumen Learning generates PDFs for custom courses based on faculty needs. Faculty can request a PDF by submitting a Customer Support Request. Before you make a request, be sure that 

  • You have checked the Export options in the course to ensure only the pages you want to include are marked for export.
    • Note: All pages marked for export, including private pages, will be a part of the PDF.
  • You have completed all changes to the text and organization of the course.

Standard Delivery Times

  • Courses with no math equations can be delivered within one week.
  • Courses with math equations can be delivered within two weeks.

Please note that during the start of each semester, we receive higher amounts of PDF requests. In order to ensure your students have access to the course PDF on the first day of class, we recommend requesting the PDF at least one month before classes begin.


While we provide a PDF copy of the course, we do not provide printing services. You can visit Pathways to Print for our recommendations on printing PDFs.

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