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Lumen allows students to pay the support fees for Lumen course materials via your institution’s bookstore. Students purchase an access code, which enables access to all graded quizzes throughout the course. Without the access code, students may view complete instructional content, but they will not be able to take all graded quizzes.


Tips for Faculty

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  1. Make sure that your campus bookstore has everything they need from you to list your Waymaker course materials as a required material and sell access codes

  2. On your syllabus, list your Waymaker course as a required material and let students know they need to purchase an access code from your campus bookstore.
    Sample Message: Introduction to Business (Waymaker Bundle) is a required material in this course. You will need to purchase an access code from our College/University Bookstore either online, by phone or in-person.

  3. Familiarize yourself with the student experience by reading the guide for students (below). Then download the guide and share it with your students.


If you would like to preview the reminders that will prompt your students to purchase and enter an access code, you can do this by activating your LMS’s Student View feature and clicking on any Waymaker study plan or quiz link. Icon representing student view


Student Guide: Waymaker Access Codes

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  1. Access Course. Access course materials in your course site inside your Learning Management System (Canvas, Blackboard, D2L/Brightspace, etc.). Waymaker materials include study plans (which contain content and practice activities) and quizzes. You will always have full access to study plans, but an access code will be required for quizzes. 

  2. Get Started. You may take up to two quizzes before an access code is required. If you are in a pinch and need more time to purchase an access code, one more quiz is allowed (with a warning). We’ll remind you to purchase an access code each time you open a quiz and the first time you open a study plan. 

  3. Purchase and Enter Access Code. Purchase an access code from your campus bookstore, then follow the instructions provided to enter the code into any quiz page or study plan. 

DOWNLOAD: A link to download a PDF version of the Student Guide, that you can upload to your LMS to share with your students, is provided at the bottom of this article. 

Getting Support

We’ve worked hard to make it intuitive and simple for students to use access codes with Lumen course materials. In-course prompts walk students through each step of the process. If unanticipated issues arise, students will come to you for help. Don’t worry: you can reach us as usual through our support portal, where we have created a special Access Code Support Request Form.

QUESTIONS? Check out our FAQ and get help in the Access Codes area of our support portal



The link to download the Student Guide is just below.

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