Generate and Import Lumen OHM Course/Cartridge - Moodle

Baird Whelan -


  • You have an instructor account in Lumen OHM
  • Your Moodle course shell is available to you
  • All of the assignments you want to use are created in OHM
  • You have created at least one assessment in your OHM course


1. Generate Lumen OHM Course Cartridge
Goal: Export a Moodle compatible OHM Cartridge

From the home page of the Lumen OHM course:

  • Choose: Export

  • Choose: Create CC Export with LTI placements as custom fields (works in Blackboard and Moodle)

  • Click: Download (this file will be placed in your downloads folder)

2. Import Lumen OHM Course Cartridge into a Moodle Course
Goal: Add OHM course cartridge to a Moodle Course.


Navigate to Course > Course Administration > Restore

In Import a backup file:

  • Select Choose a file.... or select Drag and Drop to upload your Lumen OHM course cartridge file
  • Select Restore

In Backup details:

  • Select Continue to confirm the IMS Common Cartridge file 

In Restore into this course:

  • Select Merge the backup course into this course
  • Select Continue

Choose your course items or just leave the defaults checked and continue through the restore steps

  • Select Continue to complete the import

4. Establishing your identity in Lumen OHM through Moodle
Goal: Allow Lumen OHM to associate you with the correct course when you access through a Moodle Course.

Navigate to one of your Graded Assignments

    • You will see a Lumen OHM login prompt: enter your credentials
    • You will then be asked to choose whether Lumen OHM makes a new copy of the course you have linked to Moodle, or if you want to use the existing one.
      1. If you are working from a Moodle course copy you taught from previously, choose “Create a Copy.”
      2. If this is the first time you have used this course in Moodle, choose “Associate this LMS course”

You're Done!

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