OHM Activation Codes FAQs

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How much do Lumen OHM courses cost?

Standard pricing for Lumen OHM courses is $25 per student per section. This low-cost course support fee covers all costs for content, technology, and learning tools. It replaces the cost of textbooks and online access codes.


What payment options are available for Lumen OHM courses?

Lumen's goal is to provide affordable, high-quality course materials that improve learning and to make these materials, designed using open educational resources (OER) easy for faculty members to adopt and use. We work with institutions to offer payment options that support their goals for affordability and student success while fitting easily into their administrative and funding processes. 

We offer three payment options for Lumen OHM course support fees:

  1. per student fee (invoiced per institutional agreement)
  2. annualized pricing (invoiced per institutional agreement)
  3. activation codes (purchased by students via campus bookstore)

For the first two options, institutions pay Lumen directly, and students enjoy automatic digital access to all materials. For the third, students have automatic access to OHM for two weeks, after which they must enter an activation code purchased through the campus bookstore.

We've developed this short guide about activation codes along with the FAQs below to explain how they work. To request more information about the other pricing options, please send a note to info@lumenlearning.com


How do I adopt a Lumen OHM course with activation codes?

Contact your Lumen representative. If you are not sure who that is, please email info@lumenlearning.com

  • The following information is needed to set up activation codes:
  • School name
  • School course name, course number, and section(s)
  • Bookstore manager contact information
  • Needed delivery date of codes
  • Estimated number codes
  • Course delivery method:
    A) directly logging into OHM platform, or
    B) integrated into the Learning Management System (Blackboard, Canvas, D2L, etc).

How do my students get an activation code?

Students purchase an activation code through your campus bookstore. Usually, students can purchase through your bookstore’s online portal, in-person, or by calling the bookstore.

Students who go to the physical bookstore may need to ask for the code at the counter because the codes are not always stocked on the shelves.

Can students purchase activation codes from any other booksellers or retailers?

At this time, Lumen OHM activation codes are only sold at your campus bookstore and are not available through other retailers.

Can students return activation codes? How do they return them?

Your campus bookstore will process all returns if eligible per bookstore policy. Please note that if returned, an activation code will be deactivated and invalid for access to OHM assessments.

Not all my students can or will purchase a code immediately. What can they do so they don’t fall behind?

Students have a free two week trial to access all OHM course materials, ensuring day one access. Beyond the two week trial, there is a one time 24 hour pass just in case students need a little more time to purchase an activation code. This one time pass can be used at any time after the two week trial expires. After trial and pass expiration, an activation code will be required to access further OHM assessments.

What happens if a student enters an activation code in one section and then changes sections?

Once a student enters their activation code, the activation code becomes tied to the corresponding course section. If a student changes sections after entering their activation code, the instructor of the new section should notify Lumen Learning through our Activation Code Support Form and provide the student name and email.


Where do students enter their activation code?

Prompts to enter in an activation code appear each time the student clicks on any OHM assessment.

What happens if students cannot get their activation code to work or have any other trouble related to their activation code?

We’ve worked hard to make it intuitive and simple for students to use activation codes with Lumen course materials. If an unanticipated issue arises, students will likely come to you for help. Don’t worry- we’re here to help! Just get in touch with our support desk by completing an Activation Code Support form.


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